Terrible Tara
There will be a reckoning.

My 3DS XL Friend Code is My FC is 1246-8954-9813. Feel free to add me and send me an ask with yours :) I have Pokemon X.

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blowjcb asked:
»i nominate myself (m33wlin) for best luke guy :~)«


Reblog/Like for m33wlin to win fave luke Guy!

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Favourite Scenes 3/? Metallica: Through the Never

Does anyone want to thread with Cal? I have one active thread planned out but otherwise he’s just sitting around :(

You know where to find me.

I hate when you’re hot and wanna take some clothes off… but you have headphones and are listening to good music. like ugh. i don’t want to take my headphones out for this. continues to stay hot.


at least i’m pretty sure cal knows what he wants now.


ahh it doesn’t have anything to do with RL friends. no worries <3

harvey/mike + touches

don’t you just love it when someone makes you feel like they actually like doing things with you but then you realize that no… they really didn’t. you were just a piece in a larger puzzle and they needed you to fill the role.

yeah that’s so fucking great.